Sonifex RB-DA24MD 24 Way Mono Audio Distribution Amplifier

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The RB-DA24MD is a 1U rack mount high performance 24 way audio distribution amplifier. It has 2 inputs which can be each individually routed  to 12 outputs, or mixed and routed to all 24 outputs. The inputs can be configured as either dual mono, input 1 routed to outputs 1-12 and input 2 routed to outputs 13-24, or mixed-mono, inputs 1 and 2 mixed at a pre-set level and routed to all 24 outputs. When set to mixed-mono operation there are 3 different output mix level modes, enabled by altering internal jumpers, providing -6dB, -3dB or 0dB adjustment of the output.

The XLR inputs and D-type outputs are electronically balanced and can be wired unbalanced. Each output is individually buffered so that a short circuit on one won’t affect the others. Each output is also protected against connection to both POE (power over Ethernet) and phantom power circuits.

The RB-DA24MD has master gain controls for both input 1 and input 2 which are pre-set potentiometers accessible through the rear panel. These controls allow the gain to be adjusted from -15dB to +15dB, useful for normalising consumer to professional signals and vice versa. An LED power indicator on the front panel shows that the unit is powered.

A 125Hz 6dB per octave roll off filter is activated by a push switch on the rear panel. When selected the filter is the applied to both inputs.