AJA DRM-2 3RU Mini-converter rackmount frame

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DRM2 is a 3RU rackmount frame to professionally mount, power, and support up to twelve AJA Mini-Converters of any current size/form factor. This rackmount frame will deliver enough power to support any currently available AJA Mini-Converter, with a total power delivery of up to 200 Watts, 100-240V 50/60Hz.  

The DRM2 ships with a standard passive faceplate. DRM2-AP ships with an actively cooled faceplate, enabling use with the higher wattage Mini-Converters or in higher ambient temperature environments.  For customers who want to upgrade their passive faceplate to the active version, we offer part number DRM2-AFP, the active cooling faceplate, as a stand-alone part sold separately. 

The new DRM2 has a redesigned rackmounting scheme, allowing the faceplate to be removed from the DRM2 without removing the DRM2 from the rack. Converters can easily be swapped in and out of the DRM2 without removing the DRM2 from the rack environment. The DRM2 is the best solution for a clean installation and power for your AJA Mini-Converters.

Key Features

  • Standout industrial design

  • 12x mounting slots for any AJA Mini-Converters

  • 12x modular carriers are included with the DRM2

  • Mini-Converters may be installed without removing the frame from the rack

  • Up to 24x AJA FiDO fiber converters can be installed - 2x per carrier in the DRM2 with the optional DRM2-YC Y-Cable

  • Optional active faceplate offers 4x fans for maximum cooling in higher ambient temperature installations

  • The included power supply cable has 13x D5/10-PC power connectors.  Installed Mini-Converters utilize twelve connectors, and one is reserved for the active faceplate power 

Power and Space for AJA Mini-Converters

The new 3RU Form Factor allows all AJA Mini-Converters to fit cleanly in the rackmount chassis. Modular Mini-Converter carrier mounts are rugged, simple to use, and easy to access from the front or rear of the chassis. 12x carriers are included with the DRM2, and additonal carriers can be purchased individually or in 12-pack bundles.