Datavideo DVK-400 4K Real-time chroma keyer

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Out of stock, check delivery time
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2 - 3 weeks


DVK-400 4K Chromakey Supports 4:4:4 10-bit Internal Processing

DVK-400 is compatible with the 3840 x 2160 4K signal to provide a professional real-time chromakey effect.

DVK-400 Digital Algorithm Technology

The DVK-400 can handle the most difficult chromakey scenes including blonde hair, a glass of water / a bottle of water, smoke, and reflective shadow simply for showing delicate and real chromakey effect.


After setting all the chromakey parameters, you can still adjust each video parameter like brightness, contracts, color, and saturation to combine the foreground and the background perfectly.

Supports 12G-SDI 60P Video

Supports up to 2160p60 over 12G-SDI or HDMI 2.0.

Intelligent Matte Control and Auto Spill Adjusting

The Matte precision chromakey setting allows you to adjust the profile of the object easily. The automatic spill adjusting function allows you to eliminate the reflective background color from the foreground object easily.

Preview Output for the Mirroring

The DVK-400 provides preview output for the mirroring for the subject to see the real-time composite picture to prevent the frame-out from happening. Moreover, it allows the subject to act more naturally according to the background.

Simple UI Design and Easy to Use

Easy to use the DVK-400 control app works on Windows computers. Connecting the DVK- 400 goes with a regular network connection and then you can set the chromakey related parameters and recall the pre-saved chromakey parameter file by connecting the DVK-400 to the Notebook PC through the IP connection.

Still Enhance Function

It can enhance the dark edges of the object to provide more detailed results.

Auto Chromakey by Pressing One Button without Complicated Adjusting.

The Auto key function helps you achieve professional chromakey effects, without any complicated settings, even when you don’t have the standard green or blue background.

Background Blur Function

The background blur function allows you to create the Depth of field effect easily to become more professional and more vivid. (HD only)