Sonifex AVN-PD8T / 8 Stereo Digital Line In&Out, Ter. Blck, AES67

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The AVN-Portal series is a group of three powerful audio mix engine interfaces (AVN-PA8AVN-PD8 & AVN-PM8) capable of audio routing, metering and equalisation. They have both physical audio I/O and AES67 stream I/O and can mix and route freely from any input to any output, useful for a multitude of applications.

Communication between products is via RAVENNA/AES67 AoIP allowing simple CAT 5 cabling and expansion. They advertise streams using Avahi/Bonjour and SAP so can be used for Dante™ AES67 enabled streams too.


  • 8 channel digital mixer,
  • 64 channel AES67 stream distribution amplifier from digital sources,
  • Distribute 8 stereo channels of audio over an SFP fibre connection.
  • IFB generator to send 64 x AES67 streams to individual belt-packs.
  • 8 output headphone distribution system, with separate input mix for each headphone output and individual gain control.
  • Input mixer with input/output metering and AES67 stream generation.

Webserver Software

A built-in responsive web server provides complete remote configuration & control of the unit including matrix mixing and routing, and also allows for firmware updates and configuration backup. Complete product configurations can be saved and loaded for use in different situations and system logs can be saved for device information.

Mix Matrix

The key to the success of the AVN-PA8 is the mix matrix where physical inputs can be freely mixed and routed with AES67 streams, in a simple and intuitive way to both physical outputs and AES67 streams.

The ‘T’ version (e.g. AVN-PD8T) uses rear panel terminal block connectors for all physical inputs and outputs.

Product Function: Mix and route AES3 & AES67 stream inputs to AES3 & AES67 stream outputs.
Typical Applications: A powerful AES3 & AES67 mix engine which allows for multiple applications: 8 output AES3 zone mixer, 8 channel digital mixer, 64 channel AES67 stream distribution amplifier from digital sources, 8 channel headphone distribution system (with AVN-HD1 units).


  • 8 x stereo digital AES3 inputs and 8 x stereo digital AES3 outputs on D-type sockets with AES59 pinout, paralleled with 8 x RJ45 connectors using StudioHub® pinout.
  • ‘T’ version has audio I/O on terminal blocks.
  • ‘D’ version has input & output metering.
  • Input and output gain adjustment.
  • Responsive webserver software router/mixer.
  • Up to 8 AoIP input streams with a maximum of 16 channels to be routed.
  • Up to 8 AoIP output streams with a maximum of 8 channels each (i.e. 64 channels).
  • Dual 1Gb Ethernet & 1Gb SFP port.
  • Dual AC & DC power supply inputs.
  • 10 user assignable GPIO ports.