Sonifex AVN-GMCCS / IEEE1588 PTP Grandmaster Clock with GPS Receiver

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AVN-GMCCS – SAC Quantum Atomic Clock accurate to 0.0005 parts per million (worst case 1 sec gain/loss every 63 years). *

The AVN-GMCS is a PTPv2 grandmaster clock for use with AoIP applications. IEEE1588-2008 PTPv2 (precision time protocol) is used to synchronise all the nodes within a network. To achieve this one of the nodes must become the master clock and distribute time packets to the others. The AVN-GMCS is designed to perform this role simply and accurately, enabling sub micro second synchronisation between all nodes.

Product Function: Provides a PTP time synchronised clock for use with AoIP audio networks.
Typical Applications: Synchronise a PTP AoIP network, provide a GPS referenced signal via AES-3id, provide a master wordclock studio output or distribute a PPS reference frequency to T&M equipment.


  • AES67/RAVENNA/AES-R16 compatible.
  • GPS satellites received indicator.
  • Master and slave sync modes.
  • 8ns PTPv2 time stamping resolution.
  • Holdover drift <1ppm, with options for <0.01ppm & <0.0005ppm.
  • AES-3id, wordclock & variable PPS outputs.
  • Analogue master input.
  • Dual power supply inputs.
  • Front panel display.
  • GPS sync and power supply present LED indicators.
  • Real time clock for accurate date/time.
  • Responsive design Ethernet webserver and front panel control & configuration.